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In today’s marketplace, financing is often the first step in the sales process. Grind Fibers’ financial strength and reputation allow it to carry out operations that would otherwise be impossible.

GrindFibers Logistics provides valuable knowledge that increases the sustainability of our operations, helping to meet the increased demands of transportation throughout the supply chain.

Our IT department is also involved in the implementation of all projects and business decisions, which develops bespoke solutions aimed at improving overall efficiency.

An important role in GrindFibers’ activities is played by the accounting department, which provides high-quality financial information and financial analysis to simplify operational planning and make accurate operational decisions, as well as our sales support department, which ensures efficient processing of documents.

The flexibility of our organization, combined with a global presence, allows us to evolve in response to changes in the industry and provide significant advantages in a competitive market.


Edgars Svarinskis

SIA Grind grupa / Grind Fibers OU


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